Post Passwords 2015 Conference – Phraser release on Github

Last week I (Peder Sparell) held a tutorial talk on the Passwords 2015 Conference in Cambridge.

My talk was titled “Linguistic Cracking of Pass Phrases using Markov Chains”, and the work behind it is a continiuation of my master thesis made this spring/summer.

It was well received, and I got great feedback from some of the best of the best in the passwords area.

I also promised to share my work, and I am glad to announce that the code is now released as open source at Github.

It goes under the name of “Phraser”, and is available via this link:

The slides from the talk is available through this link.

An English writeup on the work is also available here.

One longer but older version (the original thesis) in swedish is available here. It includes some additional general info about passwords and cracking as well as a short intro on context-free grammars, an alternative method I considered for the pass phrase cracking.

If anyone is interested in contributing in optimizing the code, you are more than welcome.

Tips/suggestions are also welcome.

Throw me a mail at [firstname.lastname] with questions or if you need more info. (My name is Peder Sparell)

Hope to also see you at the RSAConference in San Francisco this spring.